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Alagaesia Online is a free MMORPG which is currently in the development process. The developer is known by the Alias "The Spaniard." The game will be based on the popular Adult-Fantasy "Inheritance Series" written by Christopher Paolini.

However, the game is in no way affiliated with Mr. Paolini and is fan-made.

Created by Fans, for Fans, Alagaesia Online as of now will be a 2D game.

Alagaesia Online ForumEdit

Alagaesia online has it's very own free forum as well!

We have created AOF to host and support the game's development and to be a home base for the Alagaesia Online free MMORPG.

As well as hosting the game and game development AOF also has RPG's and forum games as well as a great growing community of devoted fans of the Inheritence cycle and of the upcomming AO MMORPG.

We also have a fine dedicated staff of admins and mods to keep chaos to a minimum on AOF so that everyone has a fun, safe vist each and every time they visit us at AOF.

Come by and visit us at AOF, we'll be glad to visit and include you in the R&D of Alagaesia Online!

You can find AOF by clicking the link below:


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