Map of Alagaesia


In the fictional land of Alagaësia, there was an order who oversaw the countries and brought peace to the world. This group was known as the Dragon Riders, for they rode Dragons, which they were bonded with at the birth of their dragon, in accordance with a pact made between elves and dragon.

Designed by young author, Christopher Paolini, author of the Inheritance Cycle, which currently includes 3 books, Eragon, Eldest and Brisingr, Alagaesia is setting of the Inheritance Chronicles.


The Humans:Edit

Humans came to Alagaësia at some point after the Elves did, about eight hundred years before the events of Eragon. Eventually they settled in Palancar valley though it was not called so then, they took that place because it was one of the places that the dwarves or the elves had not taken up yet.

The Elves:Edit

The Elves are a race not native to Alagaesia. They are a magical and beautiful race that oppose the Empire of Galbatorix. They are an immesurably important ally to the Varden.

Elves are one of the most ancient folk living in the land of Alagaesia. They came many years ago, from Alalea, a land across the sea. They are competent in magic and the Ancient Language, and their skills far exceed any human's due to the pact with the dragons that they made after the Dragon War. They have fair features and are graceful in battle, as well as immortal unless fatally injured or poisoned

The Dwarves:Edit

The dwarves are an ancient race who believe that they were the first in Alagaësia. They are a proud and strong people, with a long history of wars. The dwarves mostly live in cities in the Beor Mountain range, with their capital being the city of Tronjheim in the massive mountain Farthen Dûr. There has never been a dwarvish dragon rider, as dwarves were not included in the original spell that founded the riders.

The dwarves believe that there are several all powerful gods, each representing different things. They are alone in this belief however, as the other races of Alagaësia are dubious of their beliefs. More detail on the dwarves religious beliefs can be found here.

The Urgals:Edit

Urgals, or the Urgralgra, are far rougher, and less civilized than humans. They are hunters, ruthless, and warlike. Urgals are stronger, larger and have greater endurance than humans. As the Prologue of Eragon says, “They resembled men with bowed legs and thick, brutish arms made for crushing. A pair of twisted horns grew above their small ears.” There are many variations of the Urgal, including the Kull, a type of Urgal. Kull are the equivalent of a small giant, with arms and legs “as thick as tree trunks.”

The Ra'zac:Edit

The Ra'zac are creatures with a humanoid exoskeleton, large muscles, beaks, and a grayish skin. Their breath can fog the minds of humans, through fear. However, Dwarves are somewhat resilient to this, and elves are totally immune. They can see clearly on a cloudy night, track scents like bloodhounds, and are overall more nimble than humans. They represent strength in areas where humans are weak.


The Cities which permeate the land of Alagaesia are inhabited by a multitude of creatures, ranged from the Humans and the Elves, to the Dwarves and the Urgals.

The Beor Mountains:Edit

The Beor Mountains, the tallest and most formidable mountain range in Alagaësia, lies behind the Hadarac Desert. It is a difficult place to reach, both on foot and on dragon-back. Because of the strong protection the mountains offer, the Varden use them as a base for their rebellion against the Empire.

The peaks of the Beor Mountains are very high, and have little oxygen, so it is impossible to reach them on dragon back or on foot. However, the mountains have many valleys, lakes and small rivers that serve as entrances. Two main rivers are Az Ragni, which flows out of the Beors, and Beartooth River, which flows in. Other ways to enter include the extensive tunnels that stretch out miles underneath the surface. The mountains are so extensively mined under that, as Orik says, “you can walk from one end of the mountains to the other without ever reaching the surface.” (399, Eragon)

In their lower parts, the Beors are blanketed with thick coniferous forests with black bark, dull needles, and huge cones "each the size of horse's heads." (357, Eragon) In Eragon, Eragon says that "the forest gave [him] an uneasy feeling…There was something hostile in the air, as if the trees resented their intrusion." (357, Eragon)

See Beor Mountains for further details.

Du Weldenvarden:Edit

Du Weldenvarden is the forest to which the elves migrated after Galbatorix took over the land. It is an immense forest, and it has been known that people can get lost quite easily in it. The capital of Du Weldenvarden is Ellesmera, of which Queen Islanzadi is the current ruler. Elves are the only occupants of Du Weldenvarden, and it is because of the forest that they are so well hidden.

The forest is ancient, as well as its inhabitants. The elves do not destroy the trees located in the forest to make homes, but rather make their homes on or in the trees. They do this using their magic to sing the wood into various shapes and sizes. It is unknown how the elves do this, but they have a very close tie to nature as well as animals.

See Du Weldenvarden for further details.

The Empire/Broddring Kingdom:Edit

The Empire, formerly known as the Broddring Kingdom, covers just over half of Alagaesia. Almost all of the human race live in the Empire, the remnants living in Surda. Surda seceded from the Empire whilst Galbatorix was breaking his stolen Eldunari to his will. Citizens of the Empire are a little resentful of their King, but most do not openly oppose him. This is because they either fear him or because they are ignorant to the extent of his evil. Taxation is a large contributing factor of this distrust.

See The Empire for further details.


Surda is an independent kingdom in the South of Alagaësia. It is an ally of the Varden. Surda is ruled by King Orrin.

Surda was once a part of the Empire, but after the Fall of the Dragon Riders it seceded in the chaos after Galbatorix destroyed the Dragon Riders. Over the years, it became a sanctuary for all chased by the Empire or that opposed it.

See Surda for further details.